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Network Information

Welcome to SPA. In an effort to keep our school's network secure and to track our own equipment, we have multiple networks available at school. All networks require an SSL certificate for best operation. To access our networks, please download the attached certificate and open the file found on this page. You will need to follow the on screen instructions for your device. 
  • slspa_GUEST is for guests at SLSPA. This is for parents, friends etc. access is very limited as is bandwidth. This is a courtesy network and not for serious network needs.
  • slspa_BYOD  If you are a student at SLSPA and would like to bring your own device this network is probably the one you are looking for. BYOD is for you to use at school to access the school's network, so Please select the slspa_BYOD network. To log into this network you must have a email and password.
  • slspa_Student is for school student computers only. This network requires each device to be tracked and managed by our IT department and there is zero expectation of privacy. The SSL certificate has already been installed for these devices.
  • slspa_Faculty is for Faculty/Staff only and you must have employee credentials to access. Not open to the general public. The SSL certificate has already been installed on school computers on this network.