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Individualized Learning Program

The Wave of the Future in learning is here! Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts has implemented an Individualized Learning Program (ILP) that is based in a digital curriculum, in a "blended learning environment" with a full-time, certified teacher in each classroom. Students are able to study all of their High School CORE subjects in Math, English/Language Arts, and Social Studies (US History, Geography, World History, etc) in a self-paced, supported learning environment with a LIVE teacher, who is readily accessible, in the classroom with them. Students are able to access their curriculum in class and at home and can move through that material as quickly as they master the content.

In our Individualized Learning Program (ILP), we

  • provide students with access to blended learning regardless of time;
  • provide high quality courses for all students through blended learning;
  • utilize the power and scalability of technology to customize education so that students may learn in their own style preference and at their own pace;
  • utilize technology to remove the constraints of a traditional classroom. This allows students to access learning at any time and in any place, facilitating flexibility to take advantage of their peak learning time;
  • provide personalized learning where students can spend as much time as needed to master the material;
  • provide greater access to self-paced programs enabling high-achieving students to accelerate academically, while struggling students have additional time and help to gain competency;
  • allow students to customize their schedule to better meet their academic goals; and
  • provide quality-learning options to better prepare students for post-secondary education and career opportunities.


A day at Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts in our ILP

A student attends school each day between 7:45 am - 2:30 pm, just like their peers who will be attending classes in other locations.  When on campus ILP students will be involved in teacher led student skill groups, study groups, a group project session, and working alone on their determined courses. Additionally, they will be able to attend all of their preferred Performing Arts classes (Dance, Music, Theater, Media and Tech classes) from our amazing teachers. Students' ILP schedules will be flexibly arranged to be compatible with their traditional classes that maximizes their learning opportunities during the school day. Students will also have access to attend courses offered at Highland High School for concurrent enrollment or specialty classes that best fit each student's needs and goals.

A personalized learning environment for every student

A student has the opportunity to dynamically customize their schedule. Through the personalized education plan, a student may take anywhere from one to eight courses at a time.  We believe that managing three to five courses at a time creates opportunities for students to find immediate success in their courses.  A student may complete a course as quickly as they demonstrate competency, with the capacity to begin taking a new course immediately thereafter.

This approach allows students the capacity to focus more deeply on fewer subjects at a time if they choose, thus increasing their motivation, sense of accomplishment, and empowered self-paced learning.

What role does technology play?

The SLSPA ILP utilizes the following technology-enabled strategies:

  • Online, self-paced courses
  • Rich multimedia and interactivity
  • Competency and deeper learning-based curriculum
  • Mastery-based progression/modularization
  • Access to online courses for college credit
  • Adaptive digital content
  • Learning labs
  • Game-based learning
  • Digital content creation
  • Delivery and access through a course management system
  • Embedded assessments
  • Social networks for student collaboration


Do you want more information?

If you are interested in more information about the Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts' Individualized Learning Program (ILP) please contact the Principal or Assistant Principal at:
Randy Honaker
(801) 466-6700 ext. 150
Lucas Charon
Assistant Principal
(801) 466-6700 ext. 149