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Individualized Learning Program (ILP) » Competency-Based Testing Policy

Competency-Based Testing Policy

SLSPA ILP Course Challenge Testing Procedure


Students who are enrolled in English Language Arts ILP Program and accessing curricula through the Spark Program have the opportunity to challenge that course by demonstrating competency. Rules for challenging a particular course are listed within the Spark program and are available for ELA 10, 11, or 12 only. Procedures are in compliance with SLCSD Policy I-2 as a Nontraditional, Blended Learning, competency-based learning program. (I-2-II-H)


Testing Procedures:

  • Students must have completed the first quarter of the course they wish to challenge with a 70% or higher
  • Students must explicitly request to challenge the remaining three quarters of the course before beginning course work
  • Students must pass a content knowledge written exam with 70% or better that covers the course competencies of the course they wish to challenge. No exceptions will be accepted for lower scores, and no retakes.
  • No electronic devices or access to computers are allowed (except where explicitly allowed as an accommodation under an IEP or 504 plan) during testing
  • Students who pass the content knowledge exam, must also demonstrate competency in written language appropriate to grade level expectations and rubrics.


These test results will help the teacher determine the student’s mastery of CORE competencies, or if there is additional instruction needed in particular areas. Teacher may exempt a student from certain course assignments that the student has demonstrated sufficient mastery, and assign remaining course work appropriate to the student’s academic need. In all respects, students must demonstrate mastery of CORE requirements for each course before credit will be issued.