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Board of Trustees

Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts
Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees holds open meetings the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 5:30 p.m. at the Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts, located at 2291 South 2000 East.  Parents and interested public are welcome to attend.
Doug Keefe
Board Chair
Doug enters the SPA community as a recent addition to the Board of Trustees.  Doug and his family moved to Utah in 2005 from Boston, MA, including his daughter Casey who is attending SPA as a freshman this year.  Doug has a diverse business background, most recently as CEO of a local financial services company.  Doug also has experience with schools and programs through a variety of consulting and volunteer work.  Doug will utilize his significant business experience to assist the Board's mission and activities, while further evolving his more recent interest and commitment to the Performing Arts.
Kristi Swett
Salt Lake School District Representative
Kristi Swett has been serving on the Salt Lake City School District Board of Education for since 2003, she is the current Past President and served as President from 2008 to 2014. Kristi is also, currently the immediate past president of the Utah School Board Association, having served on its Board of Directors for 12 years.  Student success, safe schools, collaborative decision-making, and protecting the autonomy and resources of local districts continue to motivate her activism.
Kit Anderton
Board Member
Development Committee
Kit has been working professionally in theater for over 30 years.  As a professional actor, designer and administrator, he has worked throughout Utah, Los Angeles and San Francisco.  He is in the middle of his tenure as a SPA parent, one daughter graduated from SPA, one daughter is a current senior and one daughter joins SPA next year as a freshman.  
Sue Ann Bodily
Board Member
Chair Membership Committee
Sue Ann Bodily is in her seventh year of involvement with Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts and has served on the board for over three years.  She serves on the membership and the executive search committees of the board.  Sue Ann is passionate about continuing the mission and culture that Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts has developed over the past ten years.  She also is excited about the opportunities well run Charter Schools have to expand the school experiences and meet the diverse needs of students. Currently Sue Ann works in the insurance industry as a Licensed Sales Producer/Account Manager.  In her spare time she enjoys being an audience for all the performing arts, cooking, costume design/sewing, reading, spending time with family and volunteering in her church and community.
John Craigle
Board Member
 John Craigle 
John has spent most of his professional career in education as a classroom teacher in fine arts and commercial photography and finally as an administrator in the Salt Lake City School District’s Career and Technical Center.  He also works as a freelance commercial photographer and graphic designer. Since high school in Chicago, John has played bass guitar in a wide range of musical groups including jazz, rock, musical theater and country gospel.  He has worked as a studio musician and currently plays in two local bands. John has a granddaughter in her second year at SPA and is an advocate for choice and variety in education.
Heidi Siegel
PTO President
Board Member
Wendy Gooch
Board Member
Tracy Evans
Board Member
Tanya Semerad
Board Secretary
Tim Porter
Highland High School Representative


Robin Hough
ex-officio Board member
Robin has spent her professional career as a top-level executive and business owner.  Her daughter attended SPA and Robin has served on the board since, both as vice chair and board chair.  Robin is a visionary decision maker with a flexible, positive, team spirit management style, geared to high productivity, leadership and results. Robin enjoys a regular yoga practice, fly fishing, and spending time at her cabin with family and friends.


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