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Mission Statement

Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts are a inclusive environment that values academic rigor and creativity in performing arts instruction.

Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts cultivates artistic and academic excellence in a diverse environment. We build character and confidence required for an accomplished artistic future.
Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts is a unique, high-quality educational program that develops responsible, independent and creative young adults through excellence in teaching, learning and community engagement.
  • A strong academic program unlocks and supports the artistic potential of students.
  • Students learn best in an engaging and collaborative environment, within a framework of high standards, supporting teacher and student outcomes while promoting independent thinking.
  • SPA graduates are prepared for post high school academic and professional pursuits through college and career readiness.
  • Students develop personal and social responsibilities through the discovery of their unique strengths, talents and their potential to make a positive difference in society.
  • Learning involves embracing challenges and being willing to take risks through multi tiered interventions.
  • Education is a team effort involving students, families, teachers, and community.
  • Students who are actively supported by family and friends, achieve higher levels of performance.  
  • Best practices are driven through data analysis.