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The Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts (SLSPA) is sponsored in 2006 by the Salt Lake City School District as a public charter high school for students grades 9-12 who are passionate about the Performing Arts; Music, Theatre, Dance or Media/Film Making. SLSPA was voted Utah's Best Charter School in 2013, 2014 and 2015 by
                                       Best of State SealBest of StateBest of State
We are located at 2291 South 2000 East Salt Lake City, Utah. SLSPA students have the unique opportunity to gain exceptional training in all aspects of the performing arts and to also reach a high level of academic success. SLSPA seeks to instill in its students the life skills of creativity, confidence, collaboration, communication and leadership. Faculty, staff and administration encourage self-expression, nurture self-esteem, and challenge the imagination. SLSPA offers unique performing arts curriculum focused on the individual.  
Along with the unique performing arts curriculum, through a partnership with the Salt Lake City School District we are able to offer a complete array of academic classes, including AP, Honors and Concurrent Enrollment courses. Additionally we offer a blended learning environment classroom where students are able to take their CORE classes in a Student-paced, student-focused digital curriculum. Whether in our Academic or our Performing arts classes, our faculty and staff work with students to stimulate intellectual, artistic and technical originality.  By providing such an environment, we strive to graduate young people who can work independently and creatively. 
The Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts welcomes performing arts students of every skill level. Curriculum is available for beginning and exploring students as well as those who are seeking advanced level training and education in their given discipline. We encourage our students to explore new classes and interests during their time at SLSPA. 

THERE ARE NO AUDITIONS AND NO TUITION! This is Utah's premier performing arts charter school, and it's FREE to attend. The school is open for enrollment. However, it is expected that our enrollment cap will be reached in 2017, so if you are thinking about enrolling your student, you should do it quickly, before the formal lottery will need to be installed.

Of course, because our teachers are also professional artists themselves, the programs of the school are designed to motivate future artists and those who love to perform. Our desire is to create a positive learning and performing experience for all students, and to provide the knowledge and inspiration to take their art to the next level.  Our students receive intensive preparation for college and for an exciting career.
Call today for more information about enrollment or click here to take a tour of our school. 801-466-6700