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Program Overview

The Dance Department of the Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts focuses on empowering our future generation of dance artists through a thorough study in classical Ballet, Modern, Tap and Jazz along with classes in Social Dance, Improvisation, Choreography, and Anatomy of Movement.  We believe that with a foundation of strong technique students will be able to support the artistic expression required in the ever-changing art of dance.   We offer master classes and guest choreographers to expose our students to a rich and diverse training in other genres of dance such as hip hop, break-dancing, musical theatre, tap, and other cutting edge dance forms.  The rigorous training provided maximizes academic and artistic potential, so our graduates are prepared for acceptance to conservatory and university programs alike and to work professionally in the dynamic expanding field of dance.  Videos of our works are in our links page. 

The SLSPA Dance Conservatory exists to provide opportunities to advanced dancers.  Dancers will enhance their training by:

  • Expectation of self-discipline, hard work, honesty, time management, and continued progress in becoming a valuable member of society

  • Learning, perfecting and competing choreography

  • Creating choreography through a process outlined and overseen by the director

  • Learning to run a rehearsal including teaching choreography, staging, and cleaning the dance to meet the high standards of the dance conservatory

  • Being educated in the production of a dance show including but limited to - costuming, lighting, and basic props

  • Re-staging repertory - sometimes through the use of video

  • Participating in the holiday show which is geared for young audiences hence further teaching the students other aspects of performance

  • Participating in master classes - pushing the students ability to pick up different styles of choreography