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Land Trust Committee News

Our school Land Trust Committee for 2019-2020 is as follows:
John Craigle -
Sesil Cratin -
Joann Kozyrev -
Kit Anderton -
Willow Amendola (non-voting member) -
Lucan Charon -
Randy Honaker -
Our proposed meeting schedule from this point forward is as follows:
(Exact Dates and Times TBD)
First week in November, Third week in January, Second week of March, Last week of March (if needed)
The Land Trust monies were spent last year to directly impact students.  Advisory classes were established to give every student the opportunity to increase student self-management and foster a long-term relationship in a cohort with one teacher for their entire high school career.  During this class students received guidance and lessons to build social and emotional capacity toward success in high school and beyond.  Each student was provided a weekly progress report that was reviewed with them by their teacher-advisor.  Goals were set and monitored every week.  The end goal was to impact student success and to increase the graduation rate. Also this time block was occasionally used for assemblies that instructed in such topics as bullying, anti-harassment, digital citizenship, tolerance, self-esteem, self-advocacy for mental health, college prep, and so forth.  The grant money paid a stipend to the Advisory teachers as well as funded training and curriculum materials.
We feel this program has been, and will continue to be, of great benefit to our students as we work together to help them be successful.  Thanks to all involved!