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Parent Teacher Organization

What is the PTO?

We are parents who help with various activities and projects at the Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts (SPA). Studies have shown that parent involvement in their student’s school is crucial to improving a student’s all around school experience.

We support the teachers and assist in helping our students have the best experience in arts and education.


We are a Performing Arts School that is unlike most schools by providing your student with professional level training from professional dancers, actors, musicians and Technicians all in one place without having to register at separate studios at significant additional expense.


As a public charter school, we are able to keep costs low and the PTO helps by conducting various fundraising efforts, and parent volunteerism through time, monetary donations, sewing, cleaning projects, chaperoning events, costume donation, painting, and assisting with other improvements throughout our school. As little as 2-10 hours of your time makes a big difference in the success of our events and our school as a whole.


How to get involved?


Be a part of the PTO!!

We are implementing a “Go to Meeting” web conference that will enable you to participate at home instead of coming to the school.


The following positions need to be filled:


Secretary: Take notes at our meetings to be posted on the website to keep parents informed about the school and activities. Post upcoming events and needs for volunteers associated with those events on our parent Facebook page.


Co-chair on the Music Department.: We are really growing in our music department and they have a big year with plans to perform in New York! You will work alongside our PTO Rep. and the Student rep. to assist with Music needs, fundraising events and volunteerism needs specifically for the Music Department.


Concessions Lead: We sell concessions at all our shows to raise money for needs around the school. This position would bring the individual’s creative talents to our established concessions activities and organize parent volunteers to assist at events.


Renaissance Fest chair/ Co-chair and Committee Members: One-time commitment between Aug-October to organize and help make this year's “Ren Fest” a success. Commitment would be a few meetings, taking on one assignment with Food, Entertainment, Costumes, Marketing, Ticket selling, or Building etc.. The actual date of Ren Fest is October 15, 2016. This event is an opportunity to showcase the performances from the Shakespeare festival for our parents. The event raises money to cover some of the costs (transportation etc.) for the trip to Cedar City. 


There are many ways to be involved to help us achieve a successful year for our SPA students.


To help with one of the open positions, or to make a donation of time, money or expertise please contact:


Shandra Josephson: 



Looking forward to seeing you all in the upcoming 2016-17 school year!!!